Splat Web Interface

All credit belongs to John Magliacane KD2BD for his wonderful "splat!" program. I encourage you to visit his site and enjoy his talents! 73 de Bill, W5GFE


In order to create a plot or map for a station, the system needs to know where the station is. This page allows you to enter the geographic information about any station only one time, and then just rely on database lookups to provide the data to the splat! program.
You need to know that we will "file" the geographical information so that it appears on plots generated by other users, as well as by you. This will ultimately result in a "ham station" map of the area.
While terrain data is available for most locations on the globe, city and political boundary data are available only for North America.

Callsign: Registration Type
New Registration
Update or Correct an Existing Registration
Longitude as decimal degrees (eg 96.235105)
(Use '-' for 'East' eg -94.234587)

Select Region:
If in USA, Select State :
Latitude as decimal degrees (eg 34.456221)
(Use '-' for 'South' eg -32.654334)

Antenna Height in feet AGL
(Above Ground Level)